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I developed my Pinch N Twist TM technique over a period of a year.  It began with a search for upscale, special occasion, sophisticated statement pieces, and evolved into something way more than I expected.  I wanted to find a way to encorporate twisting wire and beads together using an abstract approach.  I experimented with multi strands, different materials, and many beads and shapes.  When I came up with the final design, I realized I hand found something special, and that is how my Pinch N Twist  TM technique was born!   

Many years have passed, and the technique evolved, but one thing has remained constant, I truly enjoy designing with and teaching my technique, I hope you enjoy it too!

Now my signature technique; "Pinch N Twist TM" has been featured in articles, magazines and on TV, and I have travelled all over North America teaching the technique to fellow artists.  Please join me in exploring this unique design.